While I am not a parent, I am one who values public education and recognizes its critical importance in facilitating the lifelong success of individuals. As a resident of Springboro, OH, I have been very disappointed in the actions of the Springboro Board of Education (BOE). Particular members of the BOE have voted for and/or promoted policies that are grossly detrimental to the community. These include, but are not limited to, wasteful spending, unfair labor practices, and unconstitutional instruction. Along with many other community members, I have shared my concerns at the BOE meetings. Unfortunately, it appears that the majority community voice falls on deaf ears. Additionally, blatantly erroneous information has been provided by members of the BOE in their attempts to further their own political agenda. On this blog, I share audio files of my own comments at BOE meetings. Furthermore, I provide accurate information regarding some of the key issues of discussion. I would like to thank my good friend and fellow Springboro resident, Tracey Kramer, for bringing the Springboro BOE's actions to my attention!

*Note: While I refer to the BOE as one entity, please recognize that not every member engages in such tactics.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Consummate Unprofessional: I Expect More from the BOE President

I, personally, completely respect any parent's concern about a text that his/her child must read in school. In my view, when a parent has a concern he/she should contact the teacher, set up a meeting, and engage in a meaningful discussion about the contents and purpose of the text. This just seems to be common sense to me; this is the most obvious of actions to take.

Unfortunately, the current Springboro BOE president does not have the same views as I, and I suspect, all of the readers of this blog. The president, as noted in a prior posting, was upset at the required reading for her daughter's AP History course. The reasons are unimportant here. Instead of acting appropriately as a parent, she chose to throw the AP teacher under the proverbial bus at the end of the BOE meeting last night. She abused her position as the president of the BOE in order to question curriculum rather than having a professional conversation with the teacher, like all parents would and should do. She questioned the reading, the teacher, and the purpose of the text, without ever speaking with the teacher about it. Consequently, as anyone would expect, she displayed her ignorance regarding the rationale for the text.

This behavior is important to highlight because it exemplifies the president's lack of professionalism, her inability to engage with teachers, her ignorance of how critical thinking skills are developed, and her disrespect of the teachers in the district. As a community, we must ensure that we no longer give her the public platform to force her personal political agenda on to this community. It is evident that her priority is NOT the students, teachers, and parents in this community. Rather, her actions make clear that polarizing the community, infringing on personal rights, misrepresenting the founding documents of the US, and making personal political gains are the focus of her agenda.

Let's make a CHANGE in November!

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