While I am not a parent, I am one who values public education and recognizes its critical importance in facilitating the lifelong success of individuals. As a resident of Springboro, OH, I have been very disappointed in the actions of the Springboro Board of Education (BOE). Particular members of the BOE have voted for and/or promoted policies that are grossly detrimental to the community. These include, but are not limited to, wasteful spending, unfair labor practices, and unconstitutional instruction. Along with many other community members, I have shared my concerns at the BOE meetings. Unfortunately, it appears that the majority community voice falls on deaf ears. Additionally, blatantly erroneous information has been provided by members of the BOE in their attempts to further their own political agenda. On this blog, I share audio files of my own comments at BOE meetings. Furthermore, I provide accurate information regarding some of the key issues of discussion. I would like to thank my good friend and fellow Springboro resident, Tracey Kramer, for bringing the Springboro BOE's actions to my attention!

*Note: While I refer to the BOE as one entity, please recognize that not every member engages in such tactics.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Blog and a 'Break-In' (of sorts)

Someone has been messing with my blog; a url has been added to the top of this blog related to 'Christian persecution' (based on what I could tell). Please note, it has not been posted by me and I am in the process of trying to remove it. By the way, anyone who perceives that I am attempting to persecute people with religious faith does not know me, does not understand the contents of this blog, is completely oblivious to the foundations of the United States, and should not be involved in the processes related to public education. Just my thoughts:)

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